MORE Questions and Answers About eBook Promotion With Genius Media, Inc.

April 03, 2018
This is the second in a series of articles where Genius Media, Inc., a leading company in eBook promotion, answers questions many authors have about the industry – how it all works and what to watch out for to avoid disappointment or trouble.

I read conflicting reports about the eBook industry. Are overall eBooks sales increasing or decreasing?

GM: By any measure, eBook sales are increasing year over year. Between 2013 and 2018 eBook sales are projected to double. Twenty percent of the US population reads more eBooks than print books and 23 percent report they read about the same amount of eBooks and hard copy. More than 500,000 eBooks are sold every day by Amazon – every day! Audiobooks are on the rise and paper books will always have their place, but eBooks are the present and the future of the book publishing world. For more information, we suggest that you check out Statista, which offers an unbiased and thorough data review of the eBook marketplace.

Can I move my books (or one of my books) from one Amazon KDP book account to another and still keep all of my Amazon customer reviews?

GM: Yes! At Genius Media, Inc. we run into this situation frequently. Many authors want to move their titles from small or vanity publishers to their own Amazon KDP book accounts. As long as you follow Amazon’s protocols, all of your precious book reviews will travel with the book. Send an email to Amazon KDP from your KDP account and ask them to walk you through the process. There is no reason to ever lose Amazon customer book reviews when you move titles between KDP accounts, but if you do not follow the correct procedure, you may lose those reviews.

My book has a couple of one-star reviews. Is there any way to get bad Amazon customer reviews removed?

GM: No, you cannot get bad reviews removed (with a few exceptions). As an author, it’s important to remember that readers have the right to their opinion - whether you agree with them or not. Bad reviews are a fact of life – every author gets some bad reviews. If you’re getting a lot of bad reviews (more than 10% of your reviews are one or two stars), we advise you to look hard at your material because very likely there are problems you need to address (editing issues, plot/style issues, tone, etc.).

All of that said, bad reviews can be voted down. Have your “Tribe” (friends, fans and the like) vote the unfavorable review down. How? Click on the “not helpful” selection found next to the review. Ten or more “not helpful” votes usually sends the review to the bottom of the stack. The review is not deleted, but it is also not on the front page of your reviews.
Speaking of reviews, why does Amazon delete some of the Amazon customer reviews posted for my book?

GM: This is a really scary fact (at least to us) – Amazon closely monitors its customers browsing behavior and online connections. They look for a high volume of interactions between IP addresses and email addresses (among other things) – they consider those people to be your “close associates.” A close associate cannot post a review of your book. Why not? Amazon considers such reviews to be inherently biased and therefore invalid. You do not want to know what we think about this lunacy – ah… did we say lunacy? – We meant policy. Don’t think Amazon is picking on you when your customer reviews are removed – they are “picking on” everyone. Getting upset about this policy or trying to fight it is futile (like what the Borg say on Star Trek). Your Amazon customer book reviews must come from people you do not regularly interact with – period. 

How important are book covers in terms of eBook sales?
GM: People definitely judge an eBook by its cover. Especially when a writer is just starting his career, it is vitally important to have a book cover that is professionally designed. If you post a book cover that looks like it was made in five minutes on Photoshop, you will not sell many eBooks. Need an excellent eBook cover? We recommend Damonza – their covers are outstanding and affordable.
Look for another installment in this series in May of 2018 – where Genius Media Inc. addresses more of your questions and concerns about the eBook world.

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